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  • What's the price for the Inflatable products?

    Our different product and combination prices range from usd300 to USD2200

  • What is the difference between modular and standalone products?

    our products are differentiated into two categories: modular or standalone. Place a standalone product (e.g. the IceTower, Bouncer etc.) to your location or Sports Park to add more variety, challenge and attraction to it. Some products (i.e. Roller) can be attached to the Bouncer. The modular products can be connected to each other in any order shape and form.

  • products suitable for commercial use?

    The products are made of extra strong PVC material and stainless steel parts designed especially for commercial use in all bodies of water and climates.

  • What parameters do I need to consider when choosing the right combination for my pool?

    Water depth, budget, pool dimensions and how many people you want to entertain. We are happy to help you with this!

  • How is the minimum water depth calculated?

    The formula is: height of product + average height of a person (1.80m or 5.90') divided by 2. You can find all minimum water depths in the product section.

  • How do you inflate/deflate?

    the electric blower will make inflation quick and simple. You can also deflate with the same electric blower. In addition a hand pump can be used for some of the smaller sized products.

  • how about the payment term

    we accept telegraphic transfer,paypal or Western Union.

  • Does products need a constant air pump for inflation?

    The heat sew products do not use constant air inflation instead the products only need to be inflated once as they are sealed.

  • How are the modular products connected to one another?

    With 2 connector straps and 1safety flap. The two connector straps are attached to anchor plates located underneath the products then the safety flap is placed over the two products and fixated through Velcro. Straps and flap are included with the products that can be connected.

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